Amberjack got digged

Very Cool. Proof:

Amberjack got digged


Slow Amberjack server – solved

Sorry for the inconvenience. After the server slowed down more and more today, I had a look inside the Apache error log and realized that the MaxClient limit was exceeded. A quick look revealed that I had not changed the default value from 20 to something much higher and that the server was idle all the time. And since Amberjack appeared on Ajaxian yesterday and was seen as the second link on the homepage, its getting quite crowdy!
Anyway, it should work like a charm now. Let me know if you experience something else 🙂

“Amberjack – Site Tour Creator” is online!

It took me only a day to develop the Amberjack library itself but almost a week to create a website for it (puh!). Tada:

Please drop me some feedback!

Cheers, Arash