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LGPL instead of GPL + Major updates

I have read the many comments on the blogo sphere thoroughly and picked up some propositions.

  1. Amberjack is LGPL licensed now!
  2. I have added some options to the Tour Wizard. You can now adjust how the close button behaves, if your page should be covered, what happens when a user clicks on the transparent cover:Wizard options added #1
  3. And for PROs who want to customize everything:Wizard options added #2
  4. I have added some documentation on how Amberjack works into the uncompressed source file:

Some others suggested a highlighting functionality. I am thinking about a way to properly support that, without bloating the framework too much. While you can already do that by your self now, by putting functionality into the additional JavaScript file you can specify, it’s true that this is something that a tour framework should provide out-of-the-box.

I was thinking about a way to allow creation of Amberjack Plugins, that could be shared among the community. If you understand how Amberjack works and if you have a suggestion, please let me know. My time is currently restricted to the weekends, so I would welcome some help.


“Amberjack – Site Tour Creator” is online!

It took me only a day to develop the Amberjack library itself but almost a week to create a website for it (puh!). Tada:

Please drop me some feedback!

Cheers, Arash