Please go to amberjack.org to get more information about this Open Source project.


4 responses to “About

  1. Hi,
    I got a pb cause I have a Flash navigation bar that are always on top.
    May be you should give the opportuinty to choose where to place the tour guide



  2. You already can do this:

    (1.) Put these line into a css file called aj_extend.css on your server (and adjust the values):

    #ajControl {top:30px;right:30px}

    You can set top OR bottom, left OR right.

    (2a.) adjusting an existing tour definition:
    Before the call to Amberjack.open() in the wizard’s output, add a line:


    (2b.) Or when creating a new tour, using the wizard:
    use the “Fetch an additional CSS file after tour has loaded” box of the Wizard, specify http://my.com/path/to/aj_extend.css

    Did this help?

  3. hi, what ever happened to baby jane.. aka the famous amberjack logo competition?? i hoped to see at least some results of the others if you didn’t seem to like mine..? greetings from hamburg, germany, anne

  4. Hi Arash,

    Thanks for this great program! I don’t see a lot o activity on here. Is this product still supported? I hope so.

    I put a flash audio code and it does not work on IE 7, but does work on FF 3.0 , any suggestions?

    Thanks for a really great and awesome product.


    P.S. I do not show my site yet because I am still testing amberjack and am not live.

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