YouTube Video explaining Amberjack

Manuela Hoffmann, who is running pixelgraphix, a great blog about web design has created a video, explaining how to create tours with Amberjack. The video is in german language and will help newbies to include an Amberjack site tour into their site:


8 responses to “YouTube Video explaining Amberjack

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  2. Is this project dead?

  3. Hi Steve,

    no, the project is not “dead” 🙂

    Since it is LGPLed, everone can take and extend it to their needs. It’s just that I am very busy with my daily work so I am slow at answering questions regarding amberjack.

    Cheers, Arash

  4. Just wanted to say thanks for your work. Really great tool – I’ve put it into action here:


  5. Nice description since im german i have a little advantage and im lovin´ it thanks alot for this post.

  6. We built as a modern version of Amberjack.

    Create a tour for your website on without writing any code, for free!

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