“Amberjack – Site Tour Creator” is online!

It took me only a day to develop the Amberjack library itself but almost a week to create a website for it (puh!). Tada:


Please drop me some feedback!

Cheers, Arash


7 responses to ““Amberjack – Site Tour Creator” is online!

  1. Arash, this is such as great idea. And, at first glance, your code looks clean and solid. I’m sure this project will get lots of attention. Congradulations!

  2. Thank you! I hope it is useful.

  3. Love the idea – but for some reason it is not working on our site

    Tried to post on the Forum – and it is not loading

    But after the bugs are worked out – this will be a very helpful resource

  4. Hi Ny, since the forum software was buggy, I have set up a new forum at nabble.com instead. Follow the link on this page:


    Please post your problem there, I will try to help you then. Please include your site’s URL, your tour’s ID, and what exactly is not working? Is nothing happening at all or is it just some pages of your tour that aren’t working properly?

    Thank you, Arash

  5. Arash,
    Congratulations! Amberjack is really cool!

    I’d like to suggest that you create a .zip (or .tar, .rar, etc) compressed file with the library and skins. I believe it would be better for you (bandwidth) and for Amberjack users.


  6. Everything works great. Few things to suggest. I also presented Amberjack in my website too.

    A small suggestion can be about the wizard page. It is hard to understand where to put the placeholders in the first look because the wizard code in black bg just seems like a standard code.

    Maybe a warning like “placeholders must be updated inside html” rather than just fill placeholders are better.

    Or, I was so tired when searching to find out how to use it 🙂

    I think Amberjack is great in general.

  7. Hi Ihsan,

    thanks for your comment, I will try to improve the wizard soon.

    Greetings, Arash

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