YouTube Video explaining Amberjack

Manuela Hoffmann, who is running pixelgraphix, a great blog about web design has created a video, explaining how to create tours with Amberjack. The video is in german language and will help newbies to include an Amberjack site tour into their site:


Amberjack 2nd most-bookmarked german web service

Amberjack Site Tour Creator is currently the 2nd most bookmarked german web service on, believing this non-offical list at


  1. pageflakes (4175)
  2. amberjack (1557)
  3. websnapr (1522)
  4. calendarhub (1491)
  5. mypictr (1177)
  6. openbc (674)
  7. spreadshirt (632)
  8. plazes (547)
  9. studiverzeichnis (450)
  10. qype (387)
  11. mister-wong (357)
  12. favoor (348)
  13. mabber (322)
  14. myvideo (190)
  15. yigg (128)
  16. hitflip (120)
  17. lycos-iq (114)
  18. loudblog (114)
  19. snapmania (112)
  20. meinprof (104)
  21. 25peeps (94)
  22. yahoo-clever (93)
  23. clipfish (86)
  24. who-are-you (84)
  25. readers-edition (82)
  26. (78)
  27. dopcast (77)
  28. weekendr (77)
  29. sevenload (76)
  30. combots (75)
  31. so-zeug (64)
  32. reliwa (61)
  33. taggle (58)
  34. jogmap (58)
  35. musiclens (51)
  36. mindpicnic (51)
  37. imagelooop (45)
  38. dealjaeger (40)
  39. edelight (39)
  40. kulando (37)
  41. lokalisten (35)
  42. linklift (33)
  43. knuddels (33)
  44. studylounge (30)
  45. dilemma5000 (29)
  46. seconds11 (29)
  47. wer-weiss-was (29)
  48. renommee-agent (29)
  49. audioclipping (28)
  50. exchange me (27)

A funny list from my point of view: look at position 9 – studivz or “studiverzeichnis”

It’s one of europe’s fastest growing social web communities and my employer since November 2006 – and it lost against tiny Amberjack, David against Goliath 😉 Happy New Year!

Drupal module released

Stefano (who has also contributed some bug fixes to Amberjack before: 1, 2) has contacted me yesterday and informed me of his great Drupal module. You can use it to create, manage and run Amberjack site tours:

Amberjack says “thank you” to Stefano!

How to fix problems with IE

Some people have reported about problems with their tours, when viewing them in Internet Explorer. The error occurs whenever the code from the Amberjack Wizard is NOT pasted right above the closing -tag, but somewhere else in the page’s HTML. Since some people use Content Management Systems for their sites and do not have full control over where the Wizard code is placed, I have taken some time for research and believe to have found a solution:

Webmasters that already have integrated Amberjack with their site, should update their Amberjack code like this:

Edit the wizard code you have pasted into you page’s HTML and change:

<script type="text/javascript">
// ...;


<script type="text/javascript" defer="true">
// ...;

You just need to add a “defer” attribute to the “script” tag. I have updated the Tour Wizard to add the defer tag automatically, so for newly created tours, there is no need for modification.

For more technical information, here are some resources that helped me spot the problem:

What happens when you get Ajaxianed, Digged, Delicious’ed, Techcrunched – some statistics

It has been almost 5 days, since is online, so I though it would be interesting to see, how the blogosphere reacted and how traffic has evolved (is this proper English? :)).

Ajaxian was the first to review Amberjack on Wednesday, followed by listings on the homepages of Delicious on Thursday, Digg and Techcrunch on Friday. It seems as if Digg clearly won the race:

Amberjack Statistics - Referers

See what happens when you get Digged and Techcrunched on the same (Fri-)day (blue=visits, orange=pageviews):

Amberjack Statistics - Visits

It was great fun to watch the log files tailed in putty 🙂 The heat is over and now the first users have contributing their tours. If you have also put a cool Amberjack tour online, please let me know.

Featured Amberjack tours: GoSleepGo, Copy+

Watch these new featured Amberjack tours, I have just added to the Homepage:


LGPL instead of GPL + Major updates

I have read the many comments on the blogo sphere thoroughly and picked up some propositions.

  1. Amberjack is LGPL licensed now!
  2. I have added some options to the Tour Wizard. You can now adjust how the close button behaves, if your page should be covered, what happens when a user clicks on the transparent cover:Wizard options added #1
  3. And for PROs who want to customize everything:Wizard options added #2
  4. I have added some documentation on how Amberjack works into the uncompressed source file:

Some others suggested a highlighting functionality. I am thinking about a way to properly support that, without bloating the framework too much. While you can already do that by your self now, by putting functionality into the additional JavaScript file you can specify, it’s true that this is something that a tour framework should provide out-of-the-box.

I was thinking about a way to allow creation of Amberjack Plugins, that could be shared among the community. If you understand how Amberjack works and if you have a suggestion, please let me know. My time is currently restricted to the weekends, so I would welcome some help.